Sunday, November 07, 2004

Eerie Parallels Between Colin Powell's "My American Journey" and Hunter Thompson's "Kingdom of Fear," Part One

Okay, as a public service and a celebration of our democracy, THE SNEAKY RABBIT will now begin an occasional feature in which we note the weird similarities between the autobiographies of Colin Powell and Hunter S. Thompson. We begin in early childhood:

"They say our earliest memories involve a trauma, and mine does. I was four[...] I was playing on the floor and stuck a hairpin in an electrical outlet. I remember the blinding flash and the shock lifting me off the floor." ["My American Journey," page 7]

"My first face-to-face confrontation with the FBI occurred when I was nine years old. Two grim-looking Agents came to our house and terrified my parents by saying that I was a "prime suspect" in the case of a Federal Mailbox being turned over in the path of a speeding bus.[...] I had done it, of course, and I had done it with plenty of help. It was carefully plotted and planned, a deliberate ambush[....] I clearly recall thinking, Well, this is it. These are G-men....WHACK! Like a flash of nearby lightning that lights up the sky for three or four terrifying split seconds before you hear the thunder[....] What? What if I didn't confess? That was the question.[....] I learned a powerful lesson: Never believe the first thing an FBI agent tells you about anything." ["Kingdom of Fear," page 3]

We report, you decide.