Sunday, October 31, 2004

A Special Moment

Today Thomas Sowell, a professional idiot over at, writes a column about how awful the media is for publishing the disappearance-of-enough-explosive-to-stock-car-bombs-for-months story.

This is, of course, an essential part of the conservative strategy: attack all sources of information that are not controlled by the right. In its most extreme form, this approach leads to book-burning, brainwashing, etc, but even Karl Rove has a hard time spinning those things as pro-democracy, so for the moment we stick with these dumb "media bias" arguments.

Okay, okay, you knew that. I just wanted to point out a remarkable moment in the history of rhetoric:

Evan Thomas of Newsweek has estimated that media bias may add as much as 15 points to Kerry's vote.

...thus actually disproving his own argument by making it. No anti-Bush media would ever print such a preposterous piece of anti-Democratic spin.

Nimble! And thanks to Mr. Sowell for bringing it to our attention.