Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Truth About the Monster Thickburger

One of the bloggers over at Southern Appeal has a self-righteous post about the new Monster Thickburger, a giant piece of meat selling for $5.49 at Hardee's.

He thinks we liberals will be offended by this.
Of course this will offend all the usual suspects. I have no doubt that the health and safety Nazis will add this to their crusade against fun. The Monster Thickburger will take its place alongside SUVs and guns as the third member of the eco-hostile Axis of Evil.

Heh. No, Joel, we liberals are thrilled; this particular right-wing habit (unlike, say, pre-emptive war) has no impact on us at all. We'd also recommend you right-wingers take up smoking, and driving with horse-blinders on.

You see, the Monster Thickburger is just evolution having its way with people who don't believe in it.