Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Old Boy's Lament

Dana Milbank feels really bad for Joe Lieberman, the ex-Democrat who's now running against the Democratic nominee in Connecticut. Apparently Joe hasn't been well-received by the people he's now fighting against:

After Lieberman was vanquished by antiwar candidate Ned Lamont in last month's primary, 40 of the 45 members of the Senate Democratic caucus abandoned their longtime colleague and their party's former vice presidential nominee. In this town, partisanship is thicker than friendship.

Yeah, it's sad that Lieberman's receiving so few hugs. To explain it in the high school terms that seem disturbingly appropriate, Dana, Lieberman dumped the democratic party before they dumped him. If they treat him like he's switched sides, it's probably because he has.

Milbank quotes Harry Truman saying if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Okay, fair enough. But how about this: if you want to be friends with someone, try not being their enemy.

And then this just gets weird:

Lamont made clear that even in victory he wouldn't be magnanimous. When asked if he would vote to confirm Lieberman to replace Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, Lamont said he would not.

I don't see anything rude about declining to endorse your opponent for Secretary of Defense. But then, I'm not part of the Old Boys' Network that sees Lieberman's huglessness as a gross injustice.