Friday, July 01, 2005

Robert Bork, Still an Insufferable Dumbass

Well, Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring, and I've been lucky enough to catch it all in real-time on CNN, complete with Bill Frist's strange eulogy on the Senate floor and President Bush's "don't you fuck with me, senate" speech in the Rose Garden.

But the real news is that CNN's Daryn Kagen has confirmed that Robert Bork is still, 20 years later, an insufferable, boorish dumbass. Bork was contacted by telephone around 12:15 today for a televised conversation on Justice O'Connor, and wasted no time in reminding the American people what dumbasses are made of. No sooner had Kagen finished her introduction than Bork was declaring that she had no real "judicial philosophy."

To Kagen's credit, she challenged Bork on this, asking whether it was fair to make such a characterization, and suggested that there may be a difference between having a philosophy that was different from Bork and having no philosophy. That maybe she was a moderate while Bork was more conservative. Then Kagen changed her shoes and walked over to picture picture.

But Bork was unmoved, and chastised Kagen for using the word "moderate." (Something like "I really wish you'd stop using the word moderate!") Kagen asked what word he might prefer. "Activist," said Robert Bork, who went on to accuse O'Connor of numerous and significant departures from "The Actual Constitution."

"The actual constitution?" said Kagen. "Did Rush put you up to this?"